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The Infinity Structural System

Infinity Structures is a structural framing system supplier specializing in the Epicore MSR Composite Floor System on pre-panelized load-bearing metal stud walls.

Infinity Structures是一家结构框架系统供应商,专门从事Epicore MSR复合地板系统的预制面板承重金属钉墙。

We can generally do 9 or 10 stories of Infinity System, which could start on the slab-on-grade or an elevated concrete Transfer Slab. Our height limitation is based on how many stories of Infinity System we have, so you could have 10 stories of Infinity System sitting on a 5th Floor Transfer Slab which would actually be a 15 Story building!


We developed The Infinity Structural System in 1986, and a review of our Installation Lists (available upon request) proves that we have by far the most extensive experience and expertise of anyone in the business. For over 30 years and hundreds of projects, we have “fine tuned” the Infinity System making constant improvements for a more economical, faster, trouble-free and user-friendly system. Our scope of work typically provides the complete structural framing package ready for your local concrete sub to place the wire mesh, rebar, and concrete. Infinity Structures provides Project Management and Engineering assistance, and has several highly trained and experienced erection crews. Depending upon the Client’s desired approach, our Engineering Involvement varies from providing Light Gage Engineering Design/calculations/shop drawings to full EOR Structural Engineering design from the foundations through the roof.

我们在1986年开发了无限结构系统,对我们的安装清单(可根据要求提供)的审查证明,到目前为止,我们在该行业中拥有最广泛的经验和专业知识。30多年来,在数百个项目中,我们对无限系统进行了微调,不断改进,使其成为一个更经济、更快、无故障和用户友好的系统。我们的工作范围通常为您的当地混凝土接头提供完整的结构框架包,以放置铁丝网、钢筋和混凝土。Infinity Structures提供项目管理和工程援助,并拥有几名训练有素和经验丰富的安装人员。根据客户的要求,我们的工程参与范围从提供轻型工程设计/计算/施工图到从基础到屋顶的全EOR结构工程设计。

The Infinity Structural System consists of the Epicore MSR Composite Floor System on pre-panelized load-bearing metal stud walls. Epicore MSR is a 2” deep high performance long-span composite metal deck that acts as a permanent form as well as the positive reinforcing in the slab. The dovetail rib with embossed locking lugs, flat bottom profile, and closed flutes make it uniquely suited for load-bearing metal studs since it inherently distributes loads evenly over the metal studs (eliminating the need for expensive load-distribution members or attempting to align joists and studs). The Epicore MSR Floor System can clear span up to almost 30 feet. The field poured slab is between a 4” and 8” slab thickness utilizing 4,000 psi regular weight concrete (3,000 psi or lightweight may be used if desired).

无限结构体系由嵌板金属栓钉墙上的Epicore MSR复合地板体系组成。Epicore MSR是一个2深的高性能大跨度复合金属面板,作为一个永久性的形式,以及板上的正加强。燕尾肋与压花锁定凸耳,平底轮廓,和封闭的凹槽使它独特地适合于承重金属螺柱,因为它内在地分配负载均匀的金属螺柱(消除了昂贵的负载分配成员或试图对齐托梁和螺柱)。Epicore MSR地板系统可以清理跨度近30英尺。现场浇筑板的厚度在4到8板之间,使用4,000 psi常规重量混凝土(3,000 psi或轻量混凝土,如果需要的话)。

The load-bearing metal stud wall panels are typically 6” galvanized studs spaced at 16” on center (other stud sizes & spacing are available if desired). The gage of the studs will be 18, 16, 14, or 12 Gage depending upon axial loads, wind loads and stud height. The metal studs are custom ordered for your particular project, therefore the metal studs may be cut to any length to achieve your desired floor-to-floor heights (i.e. there are no standard stud height constraints). Infinity’s wall panels are fabricated off-site in a controlled environment using welded connections under very stringent QC requirements to ensure the highest quality available.


The lateral loads (wind and seismic) may be handled utilizing our exclusive Infinity Shear Panel (ISP), or traditional methods such as concrete shear walls, reinforced CMU/masonry shear walls, structural steel braced frames, or a combination.


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