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Section 5C: Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panel Installation Guide


5C.1 Introduction

5C.2 General Installation Guidelines 

5C.3 Hebel AAC Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panels

5C.4 Preparation准备

5C.5 Erection Equipment安装设备

5C.6 Hebel Mortar砂浆

5C.7 Execution执行

5C.8 Temporary Bracing临时支撑

5C.1 Introduction

This Installation Guide was prepared by Xella Aircrete North America, Inc., to help owners, design professionals,construction managers and installers install vertical load bearing panels. It is especially for the installer who may not be familiar with all areas of AAC load bearing wall construction.

本安装指南由Xella Aircrete北美公司编写,以帮助业主、设计专业人员、施工经理和安装人员安装垂直承重面板。这是特别为安装谁可能不熟悉所有领域的AAC负荷承重墙建设。

We have attempted to provide some general information regarding areas of construction and details. However,since we cannot cover all areas or possibilities, we encourage and trust that you will ask for additional information regarding specific areas or possibilities, or when you have questions or need additional information.


To contact us with additional questions or supplies, call 229-896-1593.

Xella Aircrete 

5C.2 General Installation Guidelines

􀂃 Unload panels using pallet forks (forklift, nylon straps,slings or pallet fork on a crane cable). Consult an appropriate safety consultant or knowledgeable OSHA trainer for “rigging” or other safety considerations.卸载面板使用托盘叉(叉车、尼龙带、索具或货叉起重机电缆)。就“索具”或其他安全考虑,请咨询适当的安全顾问或职业安全与健康管理局的知识渊博的培训师。

􀂃 Insure adherence to Leading Edge Support MOSHA Guidelines.

􀂃 Storage areas should be accessible to delivery trucks and convenient to material staging areas. If possible, dropdeliver the material right to the material staging areas.存储区域应该可以送货卡车和方便材料暂存区。如果可能,将物料直接投递到物料准备区。

􀂃 Storage material should always be stored away from other construction activities on a flat-grade area that is not susceptible to standing water, erosion or settling.存储材料应该储存远离其他建筑活动平缓坡度面积不容易积水,侵蚀或解决。

􀂃 Keep the material covered and banded until ready for installation.保持材料覆盖和带状,直到准备安装。

􀂃 Excessive handling may cause damage. Set delivery schedule to match the erection sequence.过度使用可能会造成损坏。设定交货时间表以配合安装顺序。

􀂃 Chips and spalls can be repaired. If any reinforcing is visible, contact an authorized AAC representative.芯片和骨刺可以修复。如果有任何可见的加固,请联系授权的AAC代表

􀂃 All damaged surface areas may be repaired using a compatible AAC patching compound.所有损坏的表面区域都可以使用兼容的AAC修补剂进行修复。

􀂃 AAC panels that have surface or minor cracks are usable. Contact an authorized AAC representative when cracks extend completely through the panel.有表面或轻微裂纹的AAC面板是可用的。当裂纹完全通过面板时,请联系授权的AAC代表。

􀂃 Stored or staged materials should always be set on flat, stable grade on pallets or dunnage.储存或分阶段的物料应始终设置在平板上,托盘或垫料上的稳定等级。

􀂃 Observe and provide all necessary temporary support and bracing in addition to following all laws and safety requirements.遵守并提供所有必要的临时支撑和支撑,并遵守所有法律和安全要求。

􀂃 Caution: Use safety gear, including hard hat, dust mask, and goggles to avoid inhalation of dust and protection of the eyes when handling Hebel AAC Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panels.注意:在操作Hebel AAC垂直承重墙板时,请使用安全装置,包括安全帽、防尘面罩和护目镜,以避免吸入灰尘和保护眼睛。

5C.3 Hebel AAC Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panels

Hebel AAC立式承重墙板

Hebel AAC Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panels are reinforced panels spanning a full story height. Available nominal thicknesses are 8 in (200 mm), 10 in (250 mm) and 12 in (300 mm). The Hebel system is based on a standard two foot wide module. The thickness and story height vary depending on the design requirements and constraints of the project.

Hebel AAC垂直承重墙板是跨越整个楼层高度的加固墙板。可用公称厚度为8英寸(200毫米)、10英寸(250毫米)和12英寸(300毫米)。Hebel系统基于一个标准的2英尺宽的模块。厚度和楼层高度取决于项目的设计要求和约束条件。

The Hebel AAC Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panel system includes the following components: full height panels,jamb panels, lintel panels and sill panels.

Hebel AAC垂直承重墙板系统包括以下组件:全高墙板、边框墙板、楣板和窗台板。

See Illustration below:


1. Full Height Panel.全高度面板。

2. Jamb Panel, adjacent to a window, door or mechanical opening which supports a lintel panel.门框嵌板,与支撑门楣嵌板的窗、门或机械开口相邻。

3. Lintel Panel, load bearing or non-load bearing panel over window or door openings.门楣板、承重或非承重板盖在窗户或门的开口上。

4. Sill Panel, located below a window or mechanical opening.窗台板,位于窗或机械开口下面。

The components listed represent a typical panel installation. However, other items should be considered during a Hebel – Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panel installation. Due to design or installation requirements, lintel panels may be used in conjunction with or substituted by steel headers, precast concrete lintels or cast-in-place concrete. In situations where small in-fill is required, Hebel AAC Block may be specified.

所列组件代表典型的面板安装。但是,在安装Hebel -立式承重墙板时,还应考虑其他事项。由于设计或安装的要求,门楣板可与钢头、预制混凝土门楣或现浇混凝土一起使用或替换。在需要小填充的情况下,可以指定Hebel AAC块。

All Hebel components are identified on the Hebel shop drawings for every project, as developed in cooperation with the customer’s design professionals.


The installation of Hebel AAC Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panels typically requires the following equipment, tools and materials.

安装Hebel AAC垂直承重墙板通常需要以下设备、工具和材料。

The following items are available for purchase from Xella if the Contractor does not have an appropriate quantity:


5C.4 Preparation施工准备

Introduction to Hebel Shop DrawingsHebel施工图介绍

Hebel Shop Drawings include the following:Hebel施工图包括以下内容:

􀂃 General Notes

􀂃 Wall Panel Layout墙面板布局

􀂃 Wall Elevations墙的高度

􀂃 Sections and Details部分和细节

􀂃 Panel Schedule indicating the following:指示下列事项的面板时间表:

􀂃 Panel mark numbers面板标记数字

􀂃 Quantity of panels板的数量

􀂃 Panel Profiles面板配置文件

􀂃 Dimensional information位置信息

􀂃 Weight of individual panels单板重量

Hebel Shop Drawings are developed and issued to the customer for his design professional’s approval, based on the requirements established by the customer’s professional design team and originating from the final construction documents. Once approved, the Shop Drawings are used as a source to develop the panel schedule and to design the panels according to the specific loadings and the required reinforcement and strength class.


Template Layout控制点布置

Purpose: To establish a true and square plan within the building perimeter and to determine control points around the building in order to assess the accuracy of panel placement as installation progresses.


Suggested Material and Equipment (Included but not limited):


􀂃 2 x 4 high grade lumber for use as a panel template guide2 x 4优质木材用作一个面板模板向导

􀂃 Level or Transit水平或拉线

􀂃 Masonry screws (HILTI KWIK-CON II ¼”dia. x 3 ¼“)砌体螺丝(HILTI KWIK-CON II¼”迪亚。x 3¼”)

􀂃 2 x 4 wood cleats2 x 4木楔子

􀂃 Chalk lines粉笔线

Note: All surfaces which are intended to remain exposed at the completion of the project must be protected with felt paper (30# min.) to prevent staining from mortar droppings.

注意:在项目完成时,所有表面都要保持暴露,必须用毡纸(30# min)进行保护,以防止灰浆的污染。

􀂃 Check the levelness of the slab prior to installing the template.在安装模板之前,检查板的水平度。

􀂃 Layout building wall lines. Snap chalk-line on slab along the inside face of the wall panels.布局建筑墙体线条。沿着墙板的内侧面在板面上快速地画上粉笔线。

􀂃 Check range & elevation with string lines用细绳检查距离和高度

􀂃 Plumb elevated template true to chalk lines

􀂃 Template elevated on cleat (secure with ITW Tapcon) to allow uniform distribution of mortar bed模板升高在cleat上(用ITW Tapcon固定),允许砂浆层均匀分布

􀂃 Verify building wall lines.验证建筑物的墙壁线条。

􀂃 Layout of wall panels – Panel marks, door & window openings, mechanical openings, etc.墙板布局-墙板标志、门窗开口、机械开口等。

􀂃 Identify extent of openings on template确定模板上开口的范围

􀂃 Indicate panel marks above opening在开口上方指示面板标记

5C.5 Erection Equipment安装设备

Lifting Clamp & Manometer升降夹及压力计

(Manufactured by Van der Blij B.V.)(由Van der Blij B.V.制造)

Important Note: Each manometer is dedicated to a specific lifting clamp. Verify the lifting clamp and manometer shipped has the same identification numbers.


Test lifting clamp pressure twice a day.


Clamp pressure must be within the acceptable range (See operating manual for pressure range)夹紧压力必须在可接受范围内(压力范围见操作手册)

Note: Test the lifting clamp pressure twice every day prior to start of panel installation. The clamp pressure should be checked at the start of the day and at the mid-day. Record clamp pressure and date into the daily log.


Operating Manual for Wall Panel Clamp:墙板夹使用说明书:

Read operating manual before using this clamp!使用此夹钳前请阅读使用说明书!




These clamps are used to install vertical and horizontal Hebel wall panels:


• 6” to 8” thick (150-200 mm)

• 8” to 10” thick (200-250 mm)

• 9 1/2” to 12” thick (240-300 mm)

Instructions for Use使用说明

Hebel wall panels are shipped horizontally on their edges, and installed vertically or horizontally.Hebel墙板在其边缘水平运输,并垂直或水平安装。

The clamp has a constant clamp force lock (torque wrench principle).


Every day before using the clamp, check the clamp pressure with the aid of the pressure cylinder and record the reading on the log sheet (Appendix 1). Pressure should be as follows:


110 < Pressure < 140 bar (WKV 15-20 US FL & WKV 20-25 US FL)

130 < Pressure < 160 bar (WKV 24-30)

Vertical lifting and installation垂直升降安装

1. Attach clamp to crane hook using appropriate sling or choker (never directly to crane hook).使用适当的吊索或颈链将卡箍连接到吊钩上(不要直接连接到吊钩上)。

2. Move the clamp to the end of the wall panel to be lifted.将夹钳移动到要抬起的墙板的末端。

3. Open the clamp sufficiently, depending on the thickness of the wall panel, by turning the hand wheel counterclockwise.根据壁板的厚度,逆时针旋转手轮,充分打开夹子。

4. Rotate the clamp 90 on the handle so that the jaws of the clamp point toward the wall panel. The jaws of the clamp must be placed in the center of the wall panel.旋转手柄上的90度夹具,使夹具的钳口指向墙板。夹钳的爪必须放在墙板的中间。

5. Set the clamp with the inner side of the clamp fully against the wall panel. (See drawing below).将夹紧器的内侧完全贴在墙板上。(见下面的图)。

6. Apply pressure to the clamp by turning the hand wheel of the clamp clockwise until you feel a click and the green windows are visible (do not turn it any further after this).按顺时针方向旋转夹子的手轮,向夹子施加压力,直到你感到咔哒一声,绿色的窗口可见(此后不要再转动)。

7. Now carefully hoist the wall panel up and maneuver it into position.现在小心地把墙板提起来,并把它移动到适当的位置。

8. When the wall panel has been positioned correctly, the clamp can be removed from the panel by opening the clamp sufficiently. Do this by turning the hand wheel counterclockwise.当墙板定位正确时,可通过充分打开夹子从墙板上取出夹子。逆时针方向转动手轮。

Horizontal lifting and installation水平升降与安装

1. Attach clamp to crane hook using appropriate sling or choker (never directly to crane hook).使用适当的吊索或颈链将卡箍连接到吊钩上(不要直接连接到吊钩上)。

2. Four safety strap suspension points are located on the (2) plates mounted to the clamp jaws.四个安全带悬挂点位于安装在钳口上的(2)板上。

3. Attach the straps with hooks to one side of the clamp and with triangles to the other side.将带钩的带子连接到夹子的一边,用三角形连接到另一边。

4. Mark the center of the wall panel to be lifted.标出要升起的墙板的中心。

5. Open the clamp sufficiently, depending on the thickness of the wall panel, by turning the hand wheel counterclockwise.根据壁板的厚度,逆时针旋转手轮,充分打开夹子。

6. Lower the clamp completely on the panel at the marked centerline.将夹钳完全放低在标记中心线处的面板上。

7. Apply pressure to the clamp by turning the hand wheel of the clamp clockwise until you feel a click and the green windows are visible (do not turn it any further after this).按顺时针方向旋转夹子的手轮,向夹子施加压力,直到你感到咔哒一声,绿色的窗口可见(此后不要再转动)。

8. Lift clamp and panel ± 12” (300mm) above the ground and attach the safety straps under the panel. Connect both safety hooks to the opposite triangles.提起夹钳和面板±12英寸(300mm)的地面,并在面板下连接安全带。将两个安全钩连接到对面的三角形上。

9. Now carefully hoist the wall panel up and maneuver it into position, disconnecting the safety hooks from the triangles just prior to setting.现在小心地提起墙板,并将其移动到正确的位置,在安装之前将安全钩从三角形上断开。

10. When the wall panel has been positioned correctly, the clamp can be removed from the panel by opening the clamp sufficiently. Do this by turning the hand wheel counterclockwise.当墙板定位正确时,可通过充分打开夹子从墙板上取出夹子。逆时针方向转动手轮。


􀂃 Check the clamp pressure with the special test-cylinder every day before using.每天使用前用专用测试缸检查夹紧压力。

􀂃 Tampering with the clamp is not permitted. The clamp has been calibrated in the factory.不允许篡改夹钳。这个夹具在工厂里校准过了。

􀂃 It is strictly forbidden at any time for persons to be under the load during lifting!严禁任何人在吊装过程中随时处于承重状态!

􀂃 Handle the clamp with care.小心使用夹钳。

􀂃 The maximum load-bearing capacity of the clamp may never be exceeded.夹具的最大承载能力不可超过。

􀂃 Never put hands, arms, feet, head or legs under the load, or between the jaws of the clamp.切勿将手、手臂、脚、头或腿放在承重物下,或夹钳夹口之间。

􀂃 The load must always be hoisted; it may not be dragged along the ground.货物必须经常被提起;不得在地面上拖拽。

􀂃 Avoid sudden movement to prevent accidental release of the load.避免突然移动,防止意外释放负荷。

􀂃 No alterations may be made to the clamp without the manufacturer’s written permission. Any breach of this condition automatically invalidates all warranties.没有制造商的书面许可,不得对夹具进行任何改动。任何违反此条件的行为将自动使所有保证失效。

􀂃 If the lifting eye on the clamp is attached directly to the crane hook, the crane hook must be able to move freely in the lifting eye. If not, use an extension.如果夹具上的吊钩直接连接到吊车钩上,则吊车钩必须能够在吊钩内自由移动。如果没有,使用扩展名。

􀂃 In freezing weather, do not attempt to lift panels on which ice has formed.在寒冷的天气里,不要试图举起已经结冰的嵌板。


􀂃 Check the clamp pressure with the special test-cylinder every day before using.每天使用前用专用测试缸检查夹紧压力。

􀂃 Check the clamp to insure it is in good condition and working properly.检查夹具,确保其处于良好状态,工作正常。

􀂃 Any parts showing defects or wear must be replaced by an authorized service representative.任何显示有缺陷或磨损的部件必须由授权的维修代表更换。

The clamp must be serviced and checked by an authorized service representative every six (6) months.每六(6)个月必须由授权服务代表对夹具进行维护和检查。


Keep the clamp, with the jaws closed, in a dry storage area (stress-free) to prevent damage and to keep dirt out.将夹钳夹紧,放在干燥的储存区域(无应力),以防止损坏和防止灰尘进入。

Keep the wall panel clamp clean. The pressure cylinder must be stored in the box provided and kept with the specified clamp at all times.保持墙板夹清洁。压力钢瓶必须储存在提供的盒子中,并始终与指定的夹具一起保存。

Instructions for Checking Clamp Pressure检查夹紧压力的说明

Clamp type 12.99.52A – 12.99.60 – 12.99.80

This type of clamp is designed specifically for the vertical and horizontal installation of Hebel wall panels. Every day before using the clamp, check the clamp pressure with the aid of the pressure cylinder and fill record the reading in the log.



1. Place the clamp on a solid surface and open it at least 8“(200mm).

2. The lifting eye must be at the top of the clamp (see figure 5C.11).

3. Place the cylinder between the clamp rubbers and carefully place the manometer on the surface.

4. Apply pressure to the clamp until you feel the click and the green windows are visible.

5. Check the working pressure using the manometer. Pressure should be as follows:

110 < Pressure < 140 bar (WKV 15-20 US FL & WKV 20-25 US FL)

130 < Pressure < 160 bar (WKV 24-30)

If the pressure is either lower or higher than the values in the range, the clamp must be checked by an authorized service representative.如果压力低于或高于范围内的值,则必须由授权的服务代表进行检查。

If the manometer shows the correct pressure, you may use the clamp. Record the details in the log and keep the log with the manometer and the clamp. The pressure must be recorded in the log daily. Enter the data on the enclosed log.如果压力计显示正确的压力,您可以使用夹具。详细记录在日志中,并与压力计和夹具一起保存日志。压力必须每天记录在日志中。在所附的日志中输入数据。

Store the manometer in the box with the lid closed.

5C.6 Hebel Mortar砂浆

Manufactured by Elite Building Products由Elite建筑产品制造

5C.7 Execution

The following section outlines the basic steps required to properly install Hebel-Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panels:以下部分概述正确安装hebel -竖向承重墙板所需的基本步骤:

1. Building Plan/Detail Orientation & Material staging建筑平面/细节定位和材料分期

2. Wall Layout

􀂃 Square and true building (See Template Layout in Preparation section)方形和真实建筑(参见准备部分的模板布局)

􀂃 Verify field dimensions with Hebel shop drawing dimensions用Hebel施工图尺寸验证现场尺寸

3. Template Installation (See Template Layout in Preparation section)模板安装(参见准备部分的模板布局)

4. Clamp Testing / Rigging夹具测试/装配

5. Mortar Mixing (See Hebel Mortar)砂浆搅拌(见Hebel砂浆)

􀂃 Bed Mortar (Large Aggregate Thin Bed Mortar)基层砂浆(大骨料薄基层砂浆)

􀂃 Joint Mortar (Thin Bed-Mortar)连接砂浆(薄层砂浆)

6. Panel Preparation for Lifting吊装盘准备

􀂃 Panel Banding

􀂃 Panel Separation on Pallets托盘上的面板分离

􀂃 Lifting Clamp hook-up起重夹连接

􀂃 Mortar Application砂浆的应用程序

7. Panel Placement面板位置

􀂃 Plumbing

􀂃 Truing

􀂃 Corrugated Nails

8. Temporary Bracing临时支撑

􀂃 Schedule A for 40 mph Wind Speed

􀂃 Schedule B for 50 mph Wind Speed

9. Site clean-up现场清理

􀂃 Stripping template

􀂃 Mortar scraping

􀂃 Patching

Prior to lifting a vertical panel with the clamp hook-up, apply the thin-bed mortar 10 minutes (maximum) from final setting of panel. Lifting Clamp Hook-up of rigging is simple and quick (one man operation)在用夹具钩起垂直面板之前,应用薄层砂浆10分钟(最多)从面板的最终设置。索具吊装夹钩简单快捷(一人操作)

Note: Remove panel tag after securing the lifting clamp to the panel.注意:将吊卡固定在面板上后,拆卸面板标签。

Always plumb the panel with a 6’ level prior to being “Nailed Off” with(2) corrugated nails to secure panel in plumb true final position5C.8 Temporary Bracing在用(2)瓦楞钉“钉断”面板之前,始终用6 ‘水平尺垂直于面板,以确保面板处于垂直的真正最终位置5c。8临时支撑

The temporary bracing used for the installation of Hebel-Vertical Load Bearing Wall Panels may be accomplished in accordance with the following recommended schedules:用于安装hebel -立式承重墙板的临时支撑可以按照以下推荐的时间表完成:

Stripping Template

Remove all wall templates from the slab the day after the panels have been installed. Scrap away and remove all excess mortar at bed joints.在面板安装完成后的第二天,从面板上移除所有的墙壁模板。清除所有床缝处多余的灰浆。

Mortar Scraping

Approximately (30) thirty minutes after panels are set in place, scrap the excess mortar from all the joints. Clean up the excess mortar and dispose of properly.大约(30)分钟后,面板设置到位,报废多余的砂浆从所有接缝。清理多余的砂浆并妥善处理。


Patching of minor chips and spalls should occur immediately following scrapping of the excess mortar from the walls. All interior wall joints should be skim coated with Hebel Thin-Bed Mortar as part of the surface preparation for the interior finishes.当从墙壁上刮去多余的灰浆后,应立即修补细小的碎屑和碎屑。所有的内墙连接处都应该涂有薄层灰浆,作为室内装修的表面准备工作的一部分。

DISCLAIMER. This document is not intended to replace the knowledge, experience and judgment of design professionals. Xella Aircrete North America, Inc. is not responsible for ensuring weather-tightness, overall functionality or fitness for use of the panels, nor compliance with federal, state, or local laws, ordinances or regulations, including building, environmental and other codes.

免责声明。本文件无意取代专业设计人员的知识、经验和判断。Xella Aircrete北美公司不负责确保面板的耐候性、整体功能性或适用性,也不负责遵守联邦、州或地方法律、条例或法规,包括建筑、环境和其他法规。

WARNING. Property damage, personal injury or death may result from improper design, use, or installation.


Licensed design and construction professionals, who maintain good standing with the governing authority and have the necessary knowledge, experience and judgment of the specific building system and its components, should be retained to ensure a proper design, use, and installation.


MODIFICATIONS. Xella Aircrete North America, Inc. reserves the right to change its Technical Manual, Design Guide, safe working loads, panel dimensions or installation techniques at any time without prior notice. Last modified: 4/26/2010.

修改。Xella Aircrete北美公司保留随时更改其技术手册、设计指南、安全工作负载、面板尺寸或安装技术的权利,恕不另行通知。最后修改:4/26/2010。

WARRANTY/DAMAGES. This document and all further technical advice are based upon Xella Aircrete North America, Inc.’s present knowledge and experience. 


然而,Xella Aircrete北美公司不承担提供此类信息和建议的责任。Xella Aircrete北美公司放弃所有明示或默示的条件和保证,包括对特定目的的适用性或适销性的默示保证。XELLA AIRCRETE北美公司不对任何类型的后续、间接或附带损害(包括利润损失或使用)负责。





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