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Chinese explore SlenderWall partnership with Easi-Set Worldwide

April 21, 2017

Smith-Midland Corp. and its product licensing subsidairy Easi-Set Worldwide recently hosted a six-person delegation from one of China’s largest construction companies to discuss a “technology partnership.” Nantong Sijian Construction Group Chairman Geng Yuhua and his team visited Fauquier for two days in mid-April. Based in Jiangsu Province, NSCG has 70,000 employees working in construction, including precast concrete, Smith-Midland’s specialty.

史密斯米德兰公司(Smith-Midland Corp.)及其产品授权子公司Easi-Set Worldwide最近接待了一个来自中国最大建筑公司之一的六人代表团,讨论技术合作事宜。4月中旬,南通四建建设集团董事长耿玉华一行对福奎尔进行了为期两天的考察。NSCG总部位于江苏省,有7万名员工从事建筑工作,包括预制混凝土,史密斯-米德兰的专长。

Considered a “Top 100 Enterprise” in the Chinese construction industry, the company has completed more than 800 large-scale commercial, institutional and residential building projects since its founding in 1958.


The meetings in Southern Fauquier focused on Smith-Midland’s precast product licensing subsidiary, Easi-Set Worldwide. The local company’s SlenderWall, a precast concrete and steel stud building panel developed by a Smith-Midland CEO Rodney Smith and his R&D team, provides the exterior envelope of mid-size and large-scale structures.

会议在福奎尔南部举行,重点是史密斯米德兰预制产品授权子公司Easi-Set Worldwide。当地公司的SlenderWall是由Smith- midland首席执行官罗德尼·史密斯和他的R&D团队开发的预制混凝土和钢柱建筑面板,提供了中型和大型结构的外部外壳。

NSCG contacted Easi-Set President Art Miles to discuss a technology partnership that would allow the company to manufacture SlenderWall across China, with Easi-Set supplying technical and logistics support.

NSCG联系了Easi-Set总裁阿特•迈尔斯(Art Miles),讨论了一项技术合作,允许该公司在中国各地生产SlenderWall,由Easi-Set提供技术和物流支持。

With access to affordable housing a top priority for the Chinese government, demand in remains high demand for multifamily, high-rise projects. China plans two million units this year.


“NSCG is a primary supplier to this market and is searching for products like SlenderWall that will allow it to speed up its production and installation schedules using factory manufacturing, pre-assembly and modular methods,” Mr. Smith said.


Easi-Set Worldwide works with 71 licensees in 42 states and 10 countries to manufacture six different lines of precast concrete products, all developed in Fauquier County, he added.

他补充说,Easi-Set Worldwide与42个州和10个国家的71家特许商合作,生产6条不同的预制混凝土产品生产线,所有这些产品都是在福奎尔县开发的。

Photo one caption: NSCG Chairman Geng Yuhua presents Smith-Midland Chairman Rodney Smith with ceremonial gift.


Photo two caption: NSCG team members (from left to right), Qu Qlangjun, Ms. Zhang Zhengfeng, Wu Jun, Cao Kang, and Wang.




SlenderWall is a thermal and fire code-compliant, ASTM E119 fire-tested, architectural precast composite cladding system. It reduces structural costs and on-site trades with the only envelope system that combines proven technologies – architectural precast concrete, PVA fiber and welded-wire reinforcing, stainless-steel fasteners and ready-for-drywall heavy gauge galvanized steel studs – to create a single efficient solution for new construction or re-cladding.

SlenderWall是一种符合美国ASTM E119防火标准的建筑预制复合材料覆层系统。它通过唯一的围护结构系统降低了结构成本和现场交易,该系统结合了久经考验的建筑预制混凝土、PVA纤维和焊丝增强、不锈钢紧固件和准备用于干墙的厚规格镀锌钢螺柱,为新建筑或重新覆层创造了一个单一有效的解决方案。

It is designed to be lightweight (66% less than traditional architectural precast), reducing foundation and superstructure requirements, as well as shipping and installation costs. The exterior precast concrete cladding and integrated steel stud system are isolated from the structural stresses associated with: wind loading (tested to 226 mph), steel frame movement, expansion and contraction, and seismic shock.


The architectural concrete is connected to the steel-stud frame utilizing stainless-steel fasteners, creating a thermal air gap. The frame is then filled with factory-applied NFPA 285 fire-rated closed-cell foam insulation, creating a continuous insulation and air barrier that meets thermal requirements.

建筑混凝土使用不锈钢紧固件连接到钢柱框架,创造了一个热空气间隙。然后,框架填充了工厂应用的NFPA 285耐火闭孔泡沫绝缘材料,创造了一个连续的绝缘和空气屏障,满足热要求。

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